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Mira Laime
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• 5/6/2016

Demon Sword Kunie

Well... I just got really lucky this time.... (Well , at least I consider it lucky X9)

I forge a demon blade monster , kunie (demon form)

Details :

My level (刀匠) = 11

魂鋼(並) = 72

魂鋼(良) = 5

魂鋼(優)= 0

魂鋼(極)= 0

★4以上確定魂鋼(極) = 1 

魂鋼(蝕)= 1

Heat Used / Number of clicks I did = 30047

(Yeah , i  clicked manually.... My fingers so damn tired now...) There wasn't anyone who posted it on the japanese wiki , so I submit my recipe there....Not sure how to post it here , so I'll just put my recipe here~~
Kunie Demon Blade Monster

I mean this girl >>>

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• 5/7/2016

Oh yes you were really lucky! These Demonblade monsters are really rare and i didn't even knew that you could get Tsurumaru in this form due smithing. Congrats on getting her!

We have no specific place were you can post recipes, so i think the best idea would be to post them on the character pages of the girls.

• 5/7/2016
Oh and can you make a screenshot of her skill? I'm really interested in seeing it but i couldn't find a picture of it yet :D
• 5/7/2016

Oh , I wish I could Kagurin... But as I am only at level 11....

The materials.... I can't find the materials for the gold cutting tests OTL...

So no skill for now , srry :(

I'll post it once I found the materials though XD (Not sure when :p)

Edit :

I think I'm strong enough to farm from world 4 now, I guess I'll be farming then~ Wish me luck XD

• 5/7/2016
haha you don't need to rush. Just take your time
• 5/11/2016

Finished 5-1 yesterday , got all the drop I needed ~~

So there it is~
Demon Kunie Ougi
• 5/11/2016

Wow it looks awesome! Thanks for your efforts!

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