Name 上部たいま
Kanbe Taima
Sword Type
8 炎 (Fire) 短刀 (Tantou)
気力値 HP 110
攻撃力 Attack 12 防御力 Defense 12
素早さ Speed 21
蓮華往生/Lotus Death
Slight damage to all enemies
Support Skill
Slight damage to all enemies

11 Sword 14 Physique 8 Luck 15



Voiced by: 渡辺 華恵 (Watanabe Kanae)

Illustrated by: 鰐皮孫ノ手 (Wanigawamago no Te)

Introduction Edit



A sword girl who always knitting, she is a mother-figure for all the girls and loves taking care of people.

Patient and gentle... You wouldn't think she was young as she is.

Quotes Edit

Event Japanese English Note
First Loading Completed しんけん。 Shinken.
Second Loading ちゃんとご飯も召し上がってくださいね Please eat your meal properly.
After Second Loading きちんと睡眠はとってきましたか? Did you sleep on time?
Obtained あら、こんにちは。上部たいまです。趣味は編み物かしら・・・ついつい編んでしまうのよ Oh, hello there. I'm Kanbe Taima. My hobby is knitting...I'm always knitting without realizing it.
Checked Girl Details あらあら。何が知りたいんですか? Oh dear. What do you want to know?
Record Check 頑張り屋さんなんですね
Mansion ちょっと、そこの毛糸取ってくださらないですか? Can you hold on to the wool for a while?
ほらほら、服が乱れていますよ。直してあげましょう Oh hey, your clothes is all messed up. Let me fix it for you.
Mansion (High Affection) 編み物、もう少しで完成しますので、楽しみにしていてください I will be done with knitting soon, so please look forward to it.
Mansion (Low Affection) んもう。 Jeez.
Mission Start こちらですか? Is it here?
Mission Complete はい。 Yes.
Battle Start (Easy) 洗濯物が増えなきゃいいのだけれど It's better if the laundry doesn't increase.
Battle Start (General) 帰ったら皆でご飯を食べましょう Let's eat with everyone when we return.
Battle Start (Difficult) なんとか勝てれば良いのだけれど It will be great if we can somehow win this.
Deploy into area 少々お待ちを Please wait for a while.
Move in area 待っていてくださいね Please wait.
Attack やっ Ya!
とおっ Toh!
Attack (Miss)
Attack (Critical Hit) やあぁ!! Yaa!!
Dodge 無事でした。 I'm safe.
Just Before Defeat まぁ!危ない! Aa! It's dangerous!
Defeat お恥ずかしい… It's embarrassing...
Battle Cry まぁ! Dear me!
あら Oh dear.
これでいいかしら!? Is this good!?
暖かいですね It's warm
Putting Into Rest お暇を頂きます…
Skill 生まれ変わって出直しましょう May you be reborn and start over.
Victory 良かったですね!
Loss あんっ!お恥ずかしい… Aan! How embarrassing...
Withdrawl 残念…あたたかいものを飲んで落ち着きましょ How unlucky...Let's have a warm drink to calm down.
Enemy Defeated 一番になれたのは皆さんのおかげです、ありがとう!
In Mansion (After Victory) ただいま帰りました I'm home.
In Mansion (After Loss) ご期待には…応えられませんでした Your expectations... could not be met.
Shinken Time (during smithing) 頑張って。私、お風呂を用意しておきますね Please do your best. I will draw a bath for you.
すごーい!暖かいというより、熱いです Amazing! Rather than warm, it's hot.
Smithing Success うふっ成功です!お顔が真っ赤ですよ Ufu, it's a success. Your face has gone bright red.
Smithing Loss うーん、残念。編み物も結構難しいんですよねえ… U-m, how unfortunate. Knitting is also quite hard.
Polishing (Good Condition) あら…毛糸が解れている Oh dear... the wool is fraying.
Polishing (Medium Condition) 解れているところは直した方がいいですね I better fix the fraying parts.
Polishing (Bad Condition) 私がいない間、よろしくお願いしますね Please take care when I'm not around.
Putting Into Formation/Team わかりました Understood.
Appointing as Leader まあ!責任重大ですね。
Set as Logistical Support おなかが冷えると大変ですよ。 It will be troublesome if we are hungry.
Cutting Test Start 何事も挑戦ですね Everything is a challenge.
Cutting Test Success 刀匠さんの笑顔が見られて良かった! It's good to see swordsmith's smile.
Cutting Test Loss
Skill Learned あら!閃きました! Oh dear! It was inspirational!
Offering お参りですか?
Offering Success 皆の笑顔が浮かびました Everyone has smiled.
Voice Volume Adjusting マイクのテストだそうですよ、うふ
Idle 刀匠さんはいらっしゃいますか?・・・あら、採寸したかったのに Is swordsmith here?...Ara, and here I wanted to take measurements.
あの、毛糸がなくなったので、買いに行って参りますね Um, I'm out of wool, so I want to go buy some.
皆さんが帰ってきたときのために、あたたかいご飯でも作っておきましょう Let's make warm meals for everyone when they return.
Demon Blade The below quotes are for Demon Blades
Introduction かわいそうな人間たち。 What pitiful humans.
Captured 地獄に落ちなさい。 Please go to hell.
Details そんなことはございません
Forging Failure 治す・・・?これが私の本当の姿ですよ Cure...? This is my true form.
Put into Formation/Team 浄化ですね This is purification.
Deploy into Area 人は愚かですからね
Moving in area 間違ったことはしていませんが I won't make a mistake.
Attack はぁっ! Haa!
やっ! Yaa!
Attack (Critical Hit)
Injured 困りましたね Isn't this troublesome...
Defeat うぅっ!
Battle Cry 来世に送りましょう I will send you to the next life.
Skill うふふ、極楽浄土に導きましょう Ufufu, I will guide you to the Land of Bliss. 極楽浄土 (gokurakujoudo) - Land of Bliss - is the western Pure Land of Amitabha in Mahayana Buddhism
Enemy Defeat
Betrayal やっぱり全てを浄化するしかないのですね

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  • Based on the tantou Kanbe Taima.

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