You can increase stats of a sword girl by selecting one of them to serve as shrine maiden and sacrificing swords for her.

Offering Edit

Choose a shrine girlEdit

First at all, select a sword girl to be a shrine maiden. Demon girls are not allowed to perform the duties of the shrine maiden.

Select the swordsEdit

You can sacrifice up to 6 swords, included demon ones. The swords and their girl will disappear after you confirm your action.


Locking girlsEdit

It's possible to lock the sword girl in her stats screen to protect her against sacrificing. The girl will be disabled in the selection screen. It's a good idea to protect girls that are important to you, for example high leveled or rare ones.


Results Edit

The sacrificed swords strengthen the shrine maiden in many ways.

Stats Sacrificed swords offers two of eight stats, depends of their grade and type.
Grade It's possible for shrine maiden to get higher grade. (The details are unknown)
Experience Half of experience obtained by sacrificed swords will be offered to shrine maiden.


  • The higher the sharpness grade of the dedicated sword, the higher the amount of stats that can be offered.
  • If the dedicated sword is a duplicate of the shrine maiden, it will multiply the amount of offered stats by 5 . That doesn't apply to demon swords.
  • The amount of offered stats sums up.
  • It's possible for the shrine maiden to learn a skill from dedicated swords, even if she didn't participated in the 3rd cutting test.
Sword type Offered stats English Lacked stats Complementary types
Tantou 体+1 運+1 health and luck 気 剣
Wakizashi 気+1 運+1 spirit and luck 剣 体 Uchigatana, kodachi, tachi
Uchigatana 剣+1 体+1 sword and health 気 運 Wakizashi
Kodachi 剣+2 体+1 sword and health 気 運 Wakizashi
Tachi 剣+2 体+1 sword and health 気 運 Wakizashi
Oodachi 気+2 体+1 spirit and health 運 剣
Grade Amount multiplier
Blunt 1x
Wazamono 2x
Ryo-wazamono 3x
O-wazamono 4x
Saijo O-wazamono 5x